Tranquill Gardens

Dreaming… of a place to relax and restore?

Breathe… Let Go… Receive…

Just outside your door, nature is waiting to fill you up again.

Welcome Back

Inhale simplicity, exhale stress.

Breath in this lovely moment, release the worries of past and future.

Yes. Here you are.

Now. In the garden.

Does your outdoor space…

Invite you into the present moment?
Offer you a sense of harmony and repose? Enchantment?
Stir your creative and playful spirit?
Awaken imagination?
Animate your senses?
Reconnect you with nature? Inspire?

If home is your castle, then your garden ought to be your special refuge from the world, yes?

What will it take to create your native habitat? Your great escape?

Discover paradise in your own backyard. 

At Tranquill Gardens I custom design your sacred space for your ultimate outdoor leisure and enjoyment. Because home is where the heart dwells, I work with your deepest desires for a living landscape that is artfully crafted to your relaxation needs. My landscape designs unify your home and garden, while honoring the environment and natural resources. I am deeply committed to xeriscaping, also known as drought resistant, water wise, drought tolerant gardens, or water efficient landscapes (WEL). Creating wildlife habitat gardens with California native plants is my special joy. My ornamental pruning services help maintain your growing landscape in good health and appearance through the years. My garden coaching services can help rejuvenate an older landscape that needs renovation, or provide one on one garden maintenance instruction. I also specialize in landscape staging for real estate curb appeal, and outdoor staging for weddings, parties and special events.

Serving Elk Grove, Wilton, Lodi, Galt, Sacramento, the Delta, Rancho Murieta, Woodland, Davis, Roseville, Folsom, Granite Bay, the foothills to the Sierras, the Sacramento Valley and Northern California.

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We may have to learn again the mystery of the garden: how its external characteristics model the heart itself, and how the soul is a garden enclosed, our own perpetual paradise where we can be refreshed and restored.

- Thomas Moore, The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life
Tranquill Gardens