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Steps to Garden Design

Every landscape is different — but these are the typical steps for a garden design:

Initial Consultation
We meet in your garden to review your needs & objectives, and walk your property. It helps to have a budget in mind, clear ideas about how you want to use the property, styles you like, amenities you desire, and problems to be solved. I’ll have plenty of questions for you!

Site Analysis and Measurement
On my second visit I gather specific site information such as sun and shade patterns, evaluation of existing plants and the influence of surrounding properties. Measurements and photographs are used to create a base map, which becomes the basis of your design. Depending on the complexity of the site, I may refer you to a professional mapping service.

Preliminary Concept Plans
These plan view (overhead) drawings show ideas for the style and overall layout of the garden. Sketches or photographs may be included to help you visualize the design.

Landscape/Master Plan
This is a detailed drawing, drafted to scale, that incorporates any modifications discussed at the concept meeting and depicts the layout of all garden elements, types of materials to be used (with client input) and notes on design requirements. This document serves as your landscape plan, and can be used by your contractor to bid on and install your project. This is the final design phase which will show the exact design and location of all features and elements, placement of trees and focal points and suggested materials.

Planting Plan
This is a working drawing from which the garden can actually be planted. Botanical and common names of all plants are indicated, exact location, quantities, container sizes as well as detailed installation notes for your contractor. A plant list with photographs and cultural data may also be provided.

Lighting Plan
This plan shows the location and type of fixture, both to ensure safety and maximize the beauty of your landscape at night.

Additional Services

Contractor Selection and Installation Services
At the end of this design process, you'll have what you need to work with a contractor on installing your design, however, I also provide design detail and site observation services to keep your project running smoothly.

Plant Purchasing
For DIY installers who want to avoid the trouble of sourcing all the plants on their list, I can provide this service and arrange for delivery.

Maintenance Coaching
How will you care for your new landscape? Proper pruning and timing of maintenance will be the key to your landscape investment holding value.

Landscape Staging for real estate curb appeal
I will work with your budget and existing landscape to give you a ‘To Do List’ to help your property look it’s best for that Open House, party or special event. Interior staging referrals too!

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A garden which can only be reached through a series of outer gardens keeps its secrecy.

- Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language
Tranquill Gardens